The Back-Story

I witness the desire of family, friends, and caregivers to provide special care to their loved ones both close and afar.  Working as a physical therapist in a nursing home setting impressed on my heart a need to serve this community of family, friends, and caregivers through the Loving Care Senior Gifts store.  There is always a “back-story” and this is mine.  

Simply put, I enjoy solving problems creatively for myself and others.  As a Physical Therapist for over 36 years working in a variety of settings, there have been plenty of opportunities to create low cost and practical solutions to my patients problems.  Our elderly adults deserve ease and comfort in their lives. Often, I see family members or friends at a loss for choosing gifts or providing the extra touch to show their loved ones the importance and respect they deserve. My hope is that Loving Care Senior Gifts will meet that need for both the giver and receiver.

My aim is to solve problems and meet the needs of our senior population in order to serve those in my community both near and far.  I hope to learn the business of design and fabrication in order to provide reasonable solutions.  My many years in healthcare have given me insight into the struggles of patients and their caregivers as they solve problems new to them.  Unfortunately, others have likely endured the same problems and their solutions may be useful with a few tweaks. 

This store with unique products and solutions will serve as a family business. Being the proud mother of 2 teenagers, I am determined to be available and support their passions. They are both amazing kids with distinct talents and interests in high-level baseball and horses/livestock.  Physical therapists age just like everyone else and I am looking to transition into a less physically demanding career of business ownership while utilizing my God-given desire and talent to serve others while caring for my family.

I know there are solutions to problems we face as family, caregivers and encouragers. I am confident Loving Care Senior Gifts will meet the challenge and serve you well.

Maria House Langford