Handmade IS Different

It is true. Handmade is different. If you ask me, handmade products are by far the best overall.  Our products are not perfect in the technical sense.  They are produced by human hands, using human eyes, and human judgement.  They are all beautiful, functional and unique. Consider each a piece of touchable art.  Nothing is mass produced. You will enjoy sharing these handmade products and appreciate the care and effort in each design.

My sisters and brother can attest to our family growing up wearing mostly handmade clothing.  Homemade may be a better term, however I prefer handmade as our Mama's hands were the crafty makers.  Mama called hand-sewing "by finger" at times, she is very clever and an artist with anything fabric. As kids we clearly did not appreciate the effort our precious Mama put into sewing our clothes.  Either openly or secretly we wanted the "bought-ready-made" clothes many of our friends wore to school.  Our clothes were unique and beautifully made.  This is part of our family history that carries on through our creative efforts at crafts, sewing, cooking, quilting, gardening, photography, writing, welding, and building projects.

Enjoy a few imperfections. You will find handmade is "perfectly" different.


Owner/Creator Loving Care Senior Gifts

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