Cold Hands?

I say it frequently and jokingly throughout my workday, “cold hands, warm heart”. I haven’t researched where that saying originated, but most have heard it and they offer a response.  Many of our elderly folks do experience physically cold hands. They enjoy the warm touch of a caregivers hands or better yet, a warming comment or conversation.  Our touch these days is through gloves, but fortunately the warmth comes through especially in the caring we show in other ways.  Usually, it doesn’t take much to warm the soul of those feeling isolated and bored with their current situation.  Making time  for a quick comment, a phone call, an unexpected gift or card does make a difference. Such a small act gives that isolated person something to look at or think about, and a point of interest for conversation for anyone coming in to their room or home.  

In full disclosure, it seems I always have physically warm hands, which would indicate a cold heart. So I don’t buy in to the “cold hands, warm heart” concept. But it is a fun discussion and can lead into other stories or distraction from the ordinary.  

Please check out our homemade cozy hand warmers which are slip on open-finger gloves- likely an unusual gift for most and opens the easy conversation of “cold hands, warm heart” Everyone enjoys a compliment and reminder that their heart is good and warm.

Wishing you all warm hands and warm hearts!




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