Thoughts & Products

  • Window Visits

    Social distancing takes a whole new twist when loved ones must share a visit through a window. Window visits are a harsh reality in our government's pandemic response to protect the elderly in nursing homes and living centers from Covid-19 infection. Reality truly hit my heart as I visited my precious Mama through a window at her assisted living memory care facility.  I thought I understood the experience of visits through a window, but that is when I was the "insider"  Now I was the visitor on the outside of the glass. The separation was more that a pane of glass. If there are two sides to every story, in this case there are two experiences from the inside and the outside of the window visit, the frustration from the inside and the emptiness felt on the outside of that window. How can I help? This is a problem that must be solved. Until solved, at least I can offer some ideas to enhance the experience and make the best of these window visits. More to come... I always have ideas!
  • Cold Hands?

    "Cold hands, warm heart"  Most have heard that phrase and offer a response. Many of our elderly do experience physically cold hands.  Medical reasons are the cause, but the quickest way to warm their hands and hearts is the loving touch or kind comment that makes one feel noticed and important. Everyone enjoys a compliment and reminder that their heart is good and warm. Check out our homemade cozy handwarmers- an unusual gift and opens the easy conversation of "cold hands, warm heart."
  • Handmade IS Different

    Handmade is different. Handmade products are not perfect in the technical sense.  They are produced by human hands, using human eyes and human judgement. Consider each a piece of touchable art. My siblings can attest to our family wearing mostly handmade clothing.  Homemade may be a better term, however I prefer handmade as our Mama's hands were the crafty makers.